Johari Engineering (JE)

JE is an Indian company established in 2013with the mission to identify, source and supply quality products and after-sales maintenance, repair calibration services to our customers in the field of non – destructive testing (NDT) and quality assurance & control (QA/QC) with  aim to make all NDT instruments in India.

With a range of products specifically developed to meet the needs of the NDT industry, Johari Engg is well positioned to provide you with the solution to your inspection requirements


  • Pride; We are proud of where we work and the work we do
  • Ownership; We take responsibility for what we do and how we do it
  • Ethics; We treat our customers, suppliers and colleagues fairly and with respect
  • Achievement; We believe that just enough is not enough
  • Focus; We know that if it is not acceptable to us it is not acceptable to our customers
  • Initiative; We are encouraged to identify opportunities for improvement and offer solutions


Finally should you have queries regarding a prospective purchase, application or need expert advice on any aspect of your JE product our Customer support Team are there to help.




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