MPI Accessories एमपीआई सहायक उपकरण

MPI Accessories एमपीआई सहायक उपकरण

Ultra Violet Black Light

JE UV Lamp

Input Supply 220V, 50Hz, 1 Phase
UV Intensity at 33 cm 5000µw / cm² nominal
Wave Length 365 nm
Visible Light Intensity Less then 10 Lux/ 1 Foot Candle
Bulb 100 watts (Spot bulb)
Bulb Life 2500 Hours approximately
Weight Lamp 1.3 Kg + Control Unit 2.7 Kg
Cable Length 5 meter (Between Lamp & Cu) 3  meter Power supply cord
Cooling Fan In built

Hand-Held Rechargeable LED-UV Light


UV High Output LED Torch

Product Features

  • High output UV 365nm.
  • Compact, lightweight and durable.
  • Re-chargeable lithium-iron battery.
  • Instant UV light output.
  • Waterproof.
  • Wrist strap.

UV Light Spectral Output

A high output 365 nm LED chip is used to produce the UV light spectral output shown below.

MTU Reference Block

The MTU magnetic Ink monitor is a useful accessory for determination of the magnetic powder concentration in the test liquid.एमटीयू चुंबकीय इंक मॉनिटर परीक्षण तरल में चुंबकीय पाउडर एकाग्रता के निर्धारण के लिए एक उपयोगी सहायक है।

The cracks available in the test piece on both surfaces are manufactured by hardening and are in the size of 0.1 to 1µm दोनों सतहों पर परीक्षण टुकड़े में उपलब्ध दरारें सख्त होने से निर्मित होती हैं और 0.1 से 1μ मीटर के आकार में होती हैं

BHEL Test Block


Thickness of Block :- 10 mm

Number of Holes :- 6 

Size of Hole :- 1.5mm

Ketos Ring

  • Pre-drilled holes simulate subsurface discontinuities
  • Verifies magnetic particle system performance when actual test parts with discontinuities are not available
  • Forms surface indications at various magnetizing levels for both dry powder and wet method testing,

ASME Pie Gauge

The ASME pie gage is a disk of highly permeable material divided into four, six, or eight sections by non ferro magnetic material. The divisions serve as artificial defects that radiate out in different directions from the center. एएसईई पाई ग्रैज एक बहुत ही उच्च पारगम्य सामग्री की डिस्क है जिसे गैर-फेरो चुंबकीय सामग्री द्वारा चार, छः या आठ वर्गों में विभाजित किया गया है। डिवीजन कृत्रिम दोषों के रूप में कार्य करते हैं जो केंद्र से अलग-अलग दिशाओं में फैलते हैं।

The diameter of the gage is 3/4 to 1 inch. The divisions between the low carbon steel pie sections are to be no greater than 1/32 inch. The sections are furnace brazed and copper plated. The gage is placed on the test piece copper side up and the test piece is magnetized. After particles are applied and the excess removed, the indications provide the inspector with the orientation of the magnetic field.

The principal application is on flat surfaces such as weldments or steel castings where dry powder is used with a yoke or prods. The pie gage is not recommended for precision parts with complex shapes, for wet-method applications, or for proving field magnitude. The gage should be demagnetized between readings. Several of the main advantages of the pie gage are that it is easy to use and it can be used indefinitely without deterioration. The pie gage has several disadvantages, which include: it retains some residual magnetism so indications will prevail after removal of the source of magnetization, it can only be used in relatively flat areas, and it cannot be reliably used for determination of balanced fields in multidirectional magnetization.

Magnetic Flux Indicators Type II-NDT Consultants Type A

Magnetic Flux Indicators Type II are used to indicate the presence of induced magnetic fields during magnetic particle inspection of Aerospace Components.चुंबकीय फ्लक्स संकेतक टाइप II का उपयोग एयरोस्पेस अवयवों के चुंबकीय कण निरीक्षण के दौरान प्रेरित चुंबकीय क्षेत्र की उपस्थिति को इंगित करने के लिए किया जाता है।

Slotted strips, also known as Burmah-Castrol Strips, are pieces of highly permeable ferromagnetic material with slots of different widths. They are placed on the test object as it is inspected. The indications produced on the strips give the inspector a general idea of the field strength in a particular area.

Advantages of these strips are: they are relatively easily applied to the component, they can be used successfully with either the wet or dry method when using the continuous magnetization, they are repeatable as long as orientation to the magnetic field is maintained, and they can be used repetitively. Some of the disadvantages are that they cannot be bent to complex configuration and they are not suitable for multi directional field applications since they indicate defects in only one direction

Supplied in a pack of five strips

Cables 120 Sq mm for Portable MPI

Suitable for Portable MPI Power source 1500 Amps &2000 Amps

Double Braided Copper pads

Poly spray 

A spray unit for the application of magnetic ink

UV Googles

Magnetic Field Strength Indicator

Calibrated Magnetic Field Indicators are used to determine the presence of magnetism in ferrous materials when subjected to magnetic particle testing. The indicator can be used to ensure that components are appropriately de-magnetized after undergoing magnetic particle inspection, an indication of polarity of the field can also be measured by the direction of the pointer deflection on the centre zero scale.कैलिब्रेटेड चुंबकीय फील्ड संकेतक चुंबकीय कण परीक्षण के अधीन होने पर लौह सामग्रियों में चुंबकत्व की उपस्थिति का निर्धारण करने के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है। संकेतक का उपयोग यह सुनिश्चित करने के लिए किया जा सकता है कि चुंबकीय कण निरीक्षण के बाद घटकों को उचित रूप से डी-चुंबकीय किया जाता है, फ़ील्ड की ध्रुवीयता का संकेत भी केंद्र शून्य पैमाने पर सूचक विक्षेपन की दिशा से मापा जा सकता है।

Magnetic Ink Particle Concentration( Centrifuge Tubes)

Pear-Shaped 100 ml centrifuge tube having a stem graduated to 1.5 ml. in 0.1 ml increments for Black visible particles to ASTM 1444

Pear-Shaped 100 ml centrifuge tube having a stem graduated to 1.0 ml in 0.05 ml increments for Fluorescent particles to ASTM 1444

ASTM E-1444-01 requires concentration checks to be performed every eight hours or at ever shift change

Centrifuge Tube Stand

Stainless Steel Stand to hold Pear Shaped centrifuge tubes.

Stand supplied without Centrifuge Tube

Powder Dispenser

The powder dispenser is for the application of dry magnetic powders or penetrant powder developer. The top contains a fine mesh gauze for the even distribution of the powder over the component whilst it is being tested.






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